What is GLS Archives?

GLS Archives is a digital database of Atlanta land survey records. We have on file over 100,000 Atlanta land surveys which have been scanned and organized by location, date, land surveyor and company name.  The collection is comprised of 7 different companies’ records and we have land surveys that date back to the 1880’s. The land surveys on file consist of original subdivision maps of Atlanta, individual property surveys,  sewer maps, right-of-way condemnations of the interstate system through the heart of Atlanta, an many up to date individual lot surveys throughout the metro Atlanta area.

Most of the land surveys on file with us are only obtainable through us, so if you are a homeowner trying do your own research, a historian looking for old maps, or are just interested in Atlanta’s evolution,  fill out the map request form here and we will send you a listing of the land surveys we have in the area.

If you still can not find the land survey records you are looking for, email us and we can perform a custom search.

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